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Williams, White & Company

Established in 1854, the Williams, White & Company name has been synonymous with quality industrial machinery for over a century. Today Williams White, a division of Doerfer Companies, is North America's premier hydraulic press manufacturer. The Williams White manufacturing operations span 150,000 square feet, offering the unique ability to engineer, design and manufacture the largest in hydraulic press systems.


New England entrepreneurs Alfred and Parley Williams, Charles Heald and Marvel White open Williams, Heald & Company and Molline Iron Works in Moline, IL. The location was chosen because it was on the Mississippi River near the “great rapids” providing tremendous water power.

Charles Heald retires from Williams, Heald & Company; the company changes its name to Williams & White.

Produces the first metal working press

Williams & White incorporates under the Illinois Corporation Act of 1857, becoming Williams, White & Company.

Began the production of steam engines for mills, building at a rate of two per week.

Invents the "Bull-Dozer", a machine with nearly universal manufacturing applications.

Launched the manufacturing of coaling stations for steam locomotives.

Manufactured shell forgings for the Russians during World War I and later made them for the British and U.S.

Survived the Great Depression with government contracts and sales of machinery to make Russian farm equipment.

Becomes a pioneer and major supplier of hydraulic and multi-opening hot plate presses.

Building expansion to increase hydraulic and electrical assembly, provide two 250-ton overhead cranes, an 8-inch boring mill and a stress relief furnace.

Delivers its first hydroforming press to General Motors.


The Doerfer Companies is a leading provider of global engineering and manufacturing solutions for customers focusing on automation, forming and material handling.

Recognized as one of the largest custom equipment companies in the United States, Doerfer Companies is differentiated by its proven ability to develop unique process technologies and to produce state-of-the-art hardware, software, controls and information tracking solutions for clients who perceive their needs to be difficult or “impossible.”

Operating from 13 global locations with over 1000 employees, Doerfer facilities provide over 1 Million square feet of design, manufacturing and clean room space, enough capacity to handle a wide variety of projects – including those with short lead times, strict deadlines and the need for complete confidentiality.

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